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Chinese Students Bolster U.S. College Budgets


Washington Monthly’s annual college issue usually has some fascinating material, and this year is no exception. One example is an article by Paul Stephens on the sharp rise in foreign students on American campuses (to more than 764,000, an increase of roughly 200,000 in less than six years, he says, citing data from the Institute of International Education and the State Department). Many are from wealthy overseas families paying full tuition — and helping to bolster college budgets.

Where are the students coming from? By this reckoning, the bulk of the net increase — more than 160,000 of the 200,000 — has come from China.

State Department statistics on F-1 student visas issued to applicants from four selected nations.Washington MonthlyState Department statistics on F-1 student visas issued to applicants from four selected nations.

Mr. Stephens writes:

While administrators promote the diversity and global perspectives these new students bring to campus, it’s clear that such high-minded goals are not the only motivation for enrolling large numbers of foreign students. With state spending on higher education declining sharply over the last five years — it’s down an average of 28 percent nationwide — out-of-state and international students who pay full tuition (and sometimes even additional tuition) have kept these institutions in the black. As state assemblies have cut back, the people of China have picked up the tab.

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European Credit Crisis Indicators


% yield Change 1 month change

Italy 10-year bond

4.38% +0.004 –0.08

Germany 10-year bond

1.86% –0.005 +0.185
Source: Reuters
The New York Times


  • Behind the Big Increase in Food Stamps 11Changes in rules and eligibility have contributed to very large increases in the cost of the food stamps program, SNAP, an economist writes.
  • India’s Economic Crisis 2Because any serious crisis causes a rush to safe havens, India’s economic difficulties will be made worse if fiscal policy disputes in the United States are not resolved, an economist writes.
  • The Charitable Deduction, Continued 45Not all charitable giving is efficient or aimed where it is needed, and Congress should think about that as it contemplates tax reform, an economist writes.
  • Wage Stagnation and Market Outcomes 30With a persistent lag in income growth for most Americans, the government should not only provide relief through tax policy and a safety net, but also do more to promote full employment, an economist writes.
  • Full Time, Part Time, Good Jobs, Bad 45Shorter hours or part-time work can be preferable for those dealing with family care and household duties, but such jobs needn’t represent second-class work, an economist writes.

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The story of the Chinese dilemma of what to do if you have lost your child in the earthquakes of 2007. This film gives an insight into the Chinese mind on how they think about family and opening up.

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  • Group: China Investment Emigration Forum | 投资移民论坛
  • Subject: Shanghai Free Trade Zone Formally Approved

1.Shanghai Free Trade Zone Formally Approved 

The establishment of a pilot free trade zone in Shanghai, the first of its kind on the Chinese mainland, has been formally approved by the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce said in a statement posted on its website on 22nd Aug.
The establishment of the 28.78-square-kilometer zone, which will consist of four separate zones under the special administration of customs, paves the way for China’s future economic development and will boost the country’s global competitiveness, experts said.
Full text: http://www.fdi-law.com/en/view.php?id=2684 

2.Legal Framework for Shanghai Free Trade Zone 

It’s first step to set up a new financial architecture as the country pursues a new round of reform.

An executive meeting of the State Council said that a draft plan to suspend certain laws in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone will be submitted for the approval of the National People’s Congress.The measure was expected to ease the administrative approval procedures for foreign investment. It’s also a first step in setting up a new financial architecture as the country pursues a round of economic reform.

Full text: http://www.fdi-law.com/en/view.php?id=2683 

3.Foreigners Levied Bigger Fines Under New Exit-entry Law 

Shanghai fined and punished more than 500 foreigners for illegally staying in the country after China imposed its new exit-entry law in July, according to statistics provided by the city’s immigration inspection department.

From July 1 through Aug 10, 534 foreigners had illegally entered or overstayed their visas. More than 380 of them were found by the border inspection department at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.That is an increase of 150 percent on the same period the previous year, the figures showed. 

Full text: http://www.fdi-law.com/en/view.php?id=2681

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